MIS Team

Our team is composed of experienced microbiologists, both researchers and laboratory technicians, at the ETH Zürich. Our highly dedicated professional staff has unique and comprehensive expertise and many years of experience in microbiology.


Board of Directors:


Prof. Hendrik Tevaearai



Prof. Dr. Hendrik Tevaearai


“Research and product development today must rely not only on scientific accuracy but also on cost effectiveness and speed to market. At MIS we strive to support each one of these expectations.”

[Photo by ETH Zürich]


Prof. Dr. Martin Loessner


„With the close links to the ETH Zurich and access to its fundamental microbiological knowledge base and broad infrastructure, MIS is strongly backed up allowing to offer highly reliable testing services according to current industry standards.”


Phone: +41 44 422 38 20

 Email: info@microbe-investigations.com

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