Microbe Investigations AG (MIS), microbiological testing services from Switzerland - your expert partner for reliable, fast, affordable product development and quality control.



We specialize primarily in testing procedures relating to antimicrobial treatments on textiles, plastics and coatings in order to confirm the identity and effectiveness of suitable treatment levels. This allows us to provide the best value for your product development projects.


and professional

Many years‘ experience,
ETH background

Profound interpretation
and advice
your product

Excellent PRICE to VALUE ratio - Affordable microbiologi- cal testing services


Rapid testing SPEED - On  time testing

RELIABLE  testing results - Standardized
and  independent tests


Make use of our specialized testing services to back up your development decisions. Besides delivering detailed test reports with thorough interpretation of your results, we offer in-depth expertise in fundamental aspects of microbiology and 2 years storage for samples. Research and development is a confidential area – we ensure anonymous testing and processing of your samples.


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 Email: info@microbe-investigations.com

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